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Author Pierre Jourdan

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EuroBudget is a checkbook management software written in pure Java 2. It allows you to do your own accounting for free. Of course it has a limited set of features but it is enough for my own purpose. With it you should be able to do your accounting anywhere and on all computer, nevertheless their operating system. You will import qif file from your bank internet site to enter quickly most of your entries. You will create some graphical reports that will help you to understand how you spend your money and where you could reduce expenses.

This software is free, will stay free and could even been improved or debugged by someone else as source code is also freely available on sourceforge project page. Thus you won't have to buy any next commercial version as soon as you upgrade your computer or if you migrate from Windows to MacOsX or Linux. Your accounting data will have a longer lifetime than your computer has ! Source code is availabe. This is an open source project, anyone who wants to contribute is welcomed, specially regarding the internationalization (today english, french, german and italian but spanish and other european language are still missing ).
The project homepage is located on the sourceforge website on url :

Download - Webstart Launcher

EuroBudget WebStart Launch me

You can launch EuroBudget with a single click from your Web browser and be sure to run always the latest version, thanks to Java Web Start technology (included in the Java JRE since v1.4). This requires being connected to Internet only during installation and only when you want to automatically upgrade, but not for everyday use. Hence it runs in a secure environment (sandbox), this guaranties you not to spy or attack your computer.
Download file size is less than 2 Mb for EuroBudget (+8Mb if Java is not installed on your computer).
If you have problem launching the application, please first verify your java installation on this page :

Please see sourceforge project homepage for downloading last source package.



Please find more on this page


- a Java2 Runtime Environment version 1.4+ ( see or
- small space on disk ( < 1.1Mo)


Bug Report

If you found any bug, have a comment or have added something to the code, please report it on project homepage
Or send me an email with all materials:

Future enhancements

Here are some ideas:
Planned Version - Description
v2.0 - prevision,regular payments wizards,
v2.0 - credit plannifier and comparator
v2.1 - archiving of old data (backup with possibility to browse or reload)
v2.1 - default choice of columns,filter,sorts in Transaction Editor
v2.1 - xml format for long-term backup/export,
v3.0 - internal calculator, currency convertor, more calendar functions
v3.0 - Saving Reports, Graphs with predefined ones.
v3.0 - import/export function to more standards.(csv,quicken qbf,money mny,pdf, svg),
v4.0 - Reimbursement monitor (%), suivi (secu+mutuelle, pret, organisation en groupe,vacances)
v4.0 - tax wizard (simulator and wizard for incomes tax declaration )
v4.0 - better printing, rib, account ids, summary
v5.0 - connection to your bank

Warning: those are just ideas for the moment and may never be implemented.
Send me a mail or post a request on sourceforge project homepage for any of your idea, comment :





EuroBudget is an open-source desktop application of Jourdan Pierre licensed under the Gnu Public License.
Copyright © 2001-2003, Jourdan Pierre
All rights reserved.


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